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Manifold is a creative experiential marketing agency that offers strategy, ideation and execution. We aim to create experiences that engage, delight, captivate and inspire people.





Manifold is an experiential and creative marketing agency specializing in strategy, creative services and execution for live and digital-first B2B and B2C experiences. Our work is: Driven by humanity, where a belief in the power of human connectivity defines who we are and what we do; Designed for connection, with a design approach that develops powerful emotional narratives through brand experiences, both online and off; And, developed on strategy, with a proven history of award winning campaigns that deliver successful results for our partners. Whether we’re designing for in-person, digital-first or hybrid experiences, Manifold’s approach to experiential marketing remains the same. We work with our clients to establish a sound foundational strategy before determining the right delivery platform and experience. We always start with the “Why,” before moving into the “How.” Our combination of constant curiosity, exploration of new technologies and emerging trends, intertwined with that sound foundational strategy, enable us to develop unique and brand appropriate, cross-platform campaigns. Our core strengths and competitive advantages are in developing and executing creative consumer and B2B experiences that captivate and inspire audiences, while delivering on brand and business goals. In a nutshell, we help brands tell their stories through experiences. Manifold was founded in 2010 by partners Sean Florio, Kelly Long, Brian Mullin and Mike Weaver.

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Do you work for Manifold? Contact us to learn more about who's managing this profile or gain access.

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