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Discover top venues & vendors together

With The Vendry Teams, your organization can unlock new tools to search, save, and share venues and vendors for all your events.

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The Vendry Teams

Our platform combines our innovative Search Engine and Knowledgebase technology with the power of our Community, enabling event pros to supercharge their venue and vendor search process.

Your Team's Toolkit

Search engine

Access information about more than 35,000 venues and vendors for your events in over 50 global markets


Store your team's files, notes, and insights in one place, ready to be leveraged at the click of a button


Connect with peers at other top brands and organizations to seek advice, recommendations, and inspiration

Drive efficiency across your organization

Teams of all kinds are tasked with producing amazing experiences.

It's high time that searching for venues and vendors is easy, efficient, and – dare we say it – enjoyable.

Search engine

Browse the most robust database venues and vendors in the world

  • Keep a pulse on the newest openings & hottest locations, powered by our newsfeed
  • See photos of unique venue spaces & capacity info
  • Find details about vendor service offerings
  • Discover thousands of new businesses added each month


Eliminate repeat work by leveraging insights and knowledge collected by your team

  • Create custom lists of top venues & vendors
  • Share notes with your team
  • Capture custom fields and tags
  • Save site visit photos, renderings, and other files
  • Leverage your notes and files anywhere on the web with our Google Chrome extension


Connect with peers at top brands, organizations, and agencies as you plan your events

  • Gain insider knowledge and insights from our Slack group of thousands of vetted event pros
  • Find top talent for your team on our industry jobs board
  • Join in on community Roundtable discussions on rising trends and topics
  • Draw inspiration from photos of thousands of real corporate events

What success with The Vendry Teams sounds like

"As I build a distributed team, I know we won't always be able to turn our chairs around to ask a colleague for a venue or vendor recommendation. The Vendry Teams gives us a central hub to store our knowledge so, no matter where we're based, we're working together."
Sofia Figueroa's avatar
Sofia Figueroa
Head of Experiential Marketing, Cash App
"We invested hundreds of hours organizing our venue and vendor info in Google Drive, but it was impossible to keep it all up-to-date. With The Vendry Teams, we not only have a streamlined place to keep our notes, site visit photos, files, and more, but we also get to leverage The Vendry's data, like verified contact info, photos, and venue capacities. They enable us to work as efficiently as possible for our clients."
Emily Battaglia's avatar
Emily Battaglia
Founder, East of Ellie
"When we need to host an event, we never start from scratch searching The Vendry's extensive venue marketplace. Thanks to The Vendry Teams, our team can easily access the info & files we've each collected from previous outreach, saving us from having to connect with the same places, for the same info, over and over again."
Sarah Housman's avatar
Sarah Housman
Investor Relations & Executive Assistant, Primary Venture Partners
"Our team is located all across the country, and we plan events nationally. The Vendry allows us to quickly discover the top venues in every market based on variables for each specific event. The Vendry even lets the 25 of us share lists, notes, files, and more with one another, drastically cut down on repeat work."
Molly Monceaux's avatar
Molly Monceaux
Senior Manager of Account Based Marketing, Salesforce
"Before The Vendry, we used to maintain a bulky spreadsheet of thousands of venues and vendors. We imported all of our previous work into our Team account and synced it up with The Vendry's database. Now we can leverage their info on capacities, services, recent press, awards, and more, all while saving ourselves precious hours of work.  In addition, when we discover new businesses on The Vendry, we can easily save them with one click and all information is updated in real time and easily maintained. The Vendry has completely transformed our internal processes, allowing us to work more efficiently as a team."
Samantha Dominguez's avatar
Samantha Dominguez
Senior Director of Event Planning, Landmark Ventures

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