iPad Lettering with Procreate Workshop

Rothbyrns Creative

Rothbyrns Creative: iPad Lettering with Procreate Workshop

Charlotte, NC
Virtual Arts & Crafts Teambuilding

Learn all about using Procreate on your iPad!

In this interactive online workshop, you will learn all about this versatile (and addicting!) lettering and illustration tool. We'll take a tour of the software and I'll show you all of my favorite tips and tricks - from how to make ombre effects to adding shadows, using clipping masks, and making your own custom brushes. As part of the...

$35 per person
$300 min

What's Included

- 3 Procreate brushes - Glitter and Foil Textures - A free iPad mock up from Tide & Tree Creative - Procreate files with lettering worksheets


- Moderator- $150 (required for groups over 25) - Optional Recording package including password protected webpage and scans of everything we create together in class-$250