Watercolor Florals and Calligraphy

Rothbyrns Creative

Rothbyrns Creative: Watercolor Florals and Calligraphy

Charlotte, NC
Virtual Arts & Crafts Teambuilding

Join Modern Calligrapher Danielle Rothman to learn how to pair loose watercolor florals with vibrant calligraphy!

In this colorful class, you will learn several techniques for how to use watercolors, including painting flowers and foliage, blending colors, and forming letters using the principles of modern calligraphy. You'll then have the opportunity to combine all of these elements together to make a final project! As part of the class, you'll also...

$85 per person
$300 min

What's Included

- 2 hours of personalized beginner friendly instruction - Kit of artist quality materials valued at $40 per person Contains: Premium watercolor set, water brush, practice paper, and watercolor cards


- Moderator- $150 (required for groups over 25) - Optional Recording package including password protected webpage and scans of everything we create together in class- $250

Pricing Details

$85/person is for a 120 minute class. Pricing for 60, 90, and 75 minute classes are available upon request.