Bullet Journaling and Illustration Class

Rothbyrns Creative

Rothbyrns Creative: Bullet Journaling and Illustration Class

Charlotte, NC
Virtual Arts & Crafts Teambuilding

Learn how to decorate your bullet journal with hand lettering and illustrations!

Bullet journaling is a popular style of planning where you make your own daily, weekly, and monthly spreads to suit your own style. The best part of keeping a bullet journal is that you also get to customize it! Many bullet journalers choose to have a different theme every month, or create innovate trackers that incorporate illustrations...

$35 per person
$300 min

What's Included

1- 1 ½ hour class with personalized instruction


- Moderator- $150 (required for groups over 25) - Optional Recording package including password protected webpage and scans of everything we create together in class-$250 - $ 40Kit of artist grade materials Including: - Pencil with eraser - Scrap paper and a Bullet Journal! - Ruler and circle guidelines (optional for fee) - Black pen or marker - Washi tape (optional for fee) - Basic supplies to determined by the consumer such as markers, colored pencils, and gel pens - Domestic shipping included: Global shipping available for an additional fee