Modern Calligraphy Workshop

Rothbyrns Creative

Rothbyrns Creative: Modern Calligraphy Workshop

Charlotte, NC
Virtual Arts & Crafts Teambuilding

Modern Calligrapher Danielle Rothman will teach you the fundamentals of modern calligraphy, a free-form style that is all about personalizing your writing!

In the first part of class, you will be guided through practicing the basic strokes that make up all letters, a calligraphy alphabet, and faux calligraphy. We will then introduce brush calligraphy and continue honing our skills.

You will learn:
- Three different styles of modern calligraphy
- A calligraphy alphabet
- How to apply these...

$80 per person
$400 min

What's Included

- A hour and a half of personalized instruction - Kit( valued at $50 )of artist grade materials Including: - Set of professional brush markers - Printed worksheets for guided instruction - High quality practice paper - Project Paper - Blank Greeting Cards for further practice - Pencil + eraser - Domestic shipping included: Global shipping available for an additional fee


- Moderator- $150 (required for groups over 25) - Optional Recording package including password protected webpage and scans of everything we create together in class-$250