Virtual Hand Lettering Workshop

Rothbyrns Creative

Rothbyrns Creative: Virtual Hand Lettering Workshop

Charlotte, NC
Virtual Arts & Crafts Teambuilding

Learning a new skill is the ultimate team building experience! Danielle is passionate about creativity, and has taught over 400+ interactive workshops. Each virtual class is fun, interactive, and personalized—designed just for you and your employees.

This class is all about exploring your creativity—whether you think you’re a creative person or not. While the activities are all centered around hand lettering, the main purpose of this workshop is to open yourself up to trying something new, even if it won’t be perfect the first time you do it. In addition to writing and drawing...

$35 per person
$300 min

What's Included

- 75 minutes of class instruction - Custom phrase that you can choose to showcase your team & company culture - Activities designed to be accessible for all skill levels - Discussion around the importance of creativity in the workplace and how to nurture creative practice after the class


*Supply Kit- $40/person, includes: -Drawing pens - Markers -Practice paper - Project paper - Pencil - Eraser - Domestic shipping within the continental US is included in the price; international shipping available for an additional fee. *Deluxe Supply Kit - $65/person - includes: - Regular supply kit - Artist-quality sketchbook - Drawing guides - Printed reference guide - A set of professional colored pencils *Recording package - $250 for the full class recording + scanned copies of everything we create together, all uploaded to a password-protected webpage for exclusive use by your group

Pricing Details

$35/person is for a 75 minute class. Pricing for 60, 90, and 120 minute classes are available upon request.