Coors Light 'Ice Cave'

May 2018
Experiential Activation
Manchester, United Kingdom
1,000 - 5,000 Attendees
From Sense New York
A new generation of drinkers won’t accept big claims at face value – brands have to walk their talk. So when Coors Light promised to deliver “the ultimate in Ice Cold Refreshment”, we had to turn the temperature down. Introducing the Coors Light #IceCaveRave - a deep-chilled, immersive experience that let the UK public experience the refreshment Jean Claude van Damme was searching for in the ads. Only in this frosty underworld, in 4 key cities across the UK, where live DJs set the tempo and snow-encrusted travellers emerged from the mist, could people truly appreciate the truth. The truth that nothing - not even this - can compare to the Ice Cold Refreshment of a Coors Light. The results: 20,000+ ravers, 11.5+ million social impressions, +33% ‘really refreshing’ perception change post experience
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