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Neuman's Kitchen

Queens, NY and Philadelphia, PA

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Our mission is to help our clients tell their stories and engage emotionally with their guests. The food we serve and service we provide set the expectations for everything our guests’ experience. It is the beating heart for any successful event.






Neuman’s Kitchen (NK) was founded in 1981 as a specialty food retailer offering an array of the finest prepared and sourced products for discerning New Yorkers. In 1996 the business shifted exclusively to catering, earning NK a place among the top New York caterers and later among the top Philadelphia caterers. Innovation and inspiration are the cornerstone of NK’s success. From finely crafted, seasonally-inspired menus, to unforgettable visual presentations, NK’s places the guest experience at center stage.

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Health & Safety

Staff is vaccinated against COVID-19
Requires proof of vaccination against COVID-19 for event attendees

Neuman’s Kitchen enhanced safety guide includes increased sanitation and safety practices due to the pandemic. The guide outlines the critical role each employee must undertake to ensure the safety of all and is in addition to the regular sanitation and safety practices. This includes enhanced safety practices with receiving/storage, preparation (other than cooking), cooking/cooling/reheating, holding/service, personnel, cleaning and sanitizing, facilities and maintenance, documentation. More info: [email protected]


Written May 12, 2020

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Whether we are hosting a private party or a product launch, Neuman's Kitchen catering makes a statement every time. We've seen everything from light and convenient pre-packaged options at the conferences to superb full-service dinners attended to by their brilliant staff. We love to hear and see guests and production staff delight with what Neuman's Kitchen catering service provides. Having worked with them for many years at several venues across the city including Center415, we are continually impressed with new menu options each season brings. We look forward to working with them for many years to come.


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Do you work for Neuman's Kitchen? Contact us to learn more about who's managing this profile or gain access.

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