Critically acclaimed

Maison Premiere

Bar / Club
Brooklyn, NY

Maison Premiere continues to nurture an intimate and welcoming gathering every night of the year, despite weather, holidays, or any other reason to stay at home. We hope to be where you meet, greet, or celebrate soon, because we do it with you.

Number of spaces

3 event spaces



Maison Premiere is rooted in the traditions and ceremony of oyster bars and absinthe cafés, where at-hand service paired with frank advice about daily shellfish and quenching wines serve as well as the recipes from old bar manuals. We are inspired by the hotel lobbies and grand restaurants of New York, Paris, and New Orleans, replete with late-night diners brooding over bivalves and wading through glasses of pastis and absinthe. We offer our guests a list of over thirty oyster varieties, all sourced through direct, established relationships with the farmers. Our absinthe list features the largest selection in the United States and in homage to the ceremony and story of the infamous spirit, we offer perhaps the grandest version of traditional absinthe service. Showcased in the center of our bar is a meticulously fabricated replica of the absinthe fountain located in the famed Olde Absinthe House in New Orleans. In the years since its birth, Maison Premiere has demonstrated a dedication to being equally innovative and iconic. Classic cocktails are retold with clarity and purpose. House “originals” are designed to rhyme with the classics and compliment the joys of raw bar and champagne toasts.




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