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Punk Rock Museum

Museum / Gallery
Las Vegas, NV

This museum invites lifelong fans and curious looky-loos of all ages to experience a hands-on, uniquely punk rock experience. Shoving in your face the history, culture & absurdity of rock n’ roll’s step-child.

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More than a Museum: It’s a bar, a tattoo parlor, a wedding chapel, a punk shop, and more. It’s been 45+ years since punk rock pogo’d its way into music, fashion, film, and popular culture. The Punk Rock Museum in Las Vegas opens its doors and proudly shoves in your face the history, culture, and absurdity of rock n’ roll’s bastard step-child. The Punk Rock Museum houses the world's most expansive, inclusive, and intimate display of artifacts, fliers, photos, clothing, instruments, handwritten lyrics, artwork, and just about everything else donated by the people and bands who were there. Not only can you see amazing artifacts, there’s a guitar room where you can play the actual guitars and basses played through the amps the artists played them through. We have guitars and amps from Rise Against, NOFX, Pennywise, Sick of it All, Strung Out, and many more. Yes… you can actually play them. A lot of people ask, “what happens if something gets broken?” The simple answer, we fix it - just like we did on tour.




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Food & Beverage

In-house beverage service

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