GrandTen Distilling

Brewery / Distillery
Boston, MA

We are a South Boston distillery committed to making small-batch, craft spirits.

Number of spaces

1 event space


Max Standing: 100



Grandten Distilling is located on Dorchester Avenue in South Boston. We share our building with the memories of generations of iron workers who forged the tools necessary to build and defend a developing nation. Although they are now long gone, the brick, mortar, and stout wooden beams remain as a reminder of the hard work and dedication it takes to produce a quality product. For us, the history of our foundry is important. It helps us understand our place and it influences the spirits we produce. The craft of distilling is carefully coaxing the flavors from grain, fruit, and spice to temper the harsh nature of alcohol with the smooth, sweet, sour, or bitter that makes the spirit so enjoyable to the palate. As a small distillery, we can show off our creativity, producing customary beverages as well as the unique, small batch, single run spirits that let us experiment and keep our tasting room interesting.




Max Standing: 100

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