Artistic Talent Group: Animalture

Orlando, FL
Live Sketching

What is an Animalture? Animal Drawing + Caricature = ANIMALture!

Special drawings that morph your guests into their favorite animals. We can turn guests into anything. From an Aardvark to a Zebra, the choice is yours. Available in Black and White or Full Color. This spin on the classic caricature was created EXCLUSIVELY by Artistic Talent Group for Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom theme park. Animal...

$150 per hour
$450 min

What's Included

10-12 black & white drawings per hour, 5-6 color drawings per hour. 11” x 14” paper. Set up requires two chairs, a small skirted table, and access to power.


Bags ($10 per booking hour) Tubes ($25 per booking hour) Art Protectors ($25 per booking hour) Frames 11” x 14” and 7” x 14” ($8 each) Custom Paper ($50 per artist, per 3-hour event)

Pricing Details

Artists are $150 per hour with a 3-hour minimum