Artistic Talent Group: Abstract

Orlando, FL
Live Sketching

The World Doesn’t Make Sense, So Why Should I Paint Pictures That Do? ~ Pablo Picasso

Treat your guests to Digital Abstract Caricatures created right before their eyes! Each piece is original and may be designed in one of three ways; “Picasso-esque” style, classic design style of the famous Sardi’s Broadway Caricatures, or in a new style no one’s ever seen! Each talented artist adds their own individual twists based on the...

$225 per hour
$675 min

What's Included

4x6 prints are included with this digitally created product as well as a digital image gallery. 6 - 8 full color face only pieces per hour. Rider Requirements: • (2) Chairs • Access to power • (1) Small Skirted Table (for color)


• Bags ($10 per booking hour) • Art Protectors ($25 per booking hour) • Tubes ($25 per booking hour) • HD display monitor ($150 per event (per screen))

Pricing Details

Each artist is $225 per hour with a 3-hour minimum.