Airbrush Tattoos Deluxe

Artistic Talent Group

Artistic Talent Group: Airbrush Tattoos Deluxe

Orlando, FL
Live Art

Realistic Airbrush Tattoos!

These designs are done with a freehand stenciling system so designs are airbrushed and then pieced together one section at a time. These tattoos last 3-5 days with propoert care.
FDA Approved
Can be removed with soap and water

$200 per hour
$600 min

What's Included

Rate Includes: • All designs sprayed - 3 - 6 minutes per design Rider Requirements: • Access to power within 25 feet of table • (1) Small Skirted Table


UPGRADE OPTIONS AVAILABLE: • Custom Stencils($50 per stencil)

Pricing Details

Artists are $200 per hour with a 3-hour minimum