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The Art and Science of Cacao

Mint Collective

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Mint Collective: The Art and Science of Cacao

Del Mar, CA
Virtual Chocolate Tasting

The Art and Science of Cacao

Create your own custom chocolate for your campfire s’mores or evening indulgence. Skip out on the oils and unhealthy preservatives and make your custom chocolate with real ingredients fit for your taste buds. Mix in your favorite treats for maximum satisfaction. Pair with a good class of wine and learn about the history and health benefits of your favorite sweet treat! Join us for an evening of learning, cooking, and indulgence!


$75 per person
$2,275 min

What's Included

Includes: - Chocolate Mold - Recipe Card - Cacao Powder - Cacao Butter - Toppings

Pricing Details

Time: 60 minutes Instructor: $400 Kit Cost: $75/person