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Mint Collective: Breathwork

Del Mar, CA
Virtual Mindfulness & Wellness Teambuilding

It’s easy to get overwhelmed or stressed during a long day at work. But sometimes just a few minutes of breath work and gratitude can shift perspective and provide you with the resilience to get back to work.

Breath work helps activate our body's parasympathetic sympathetic nervous system which lowers cortisol, blood pressure, and relaxes our mind. New research focusing on gratitude has proven its ability to strengthen the immune system, improve sleep, and support resiliency. Both practices are easy to incorporate into our day and can have a profound effect when practiced regularly. Join us for this calming and grounding experience. (60 min class | Virtual Zoom)

Appreciate Them. Thank Them. Treat Them! Each guest receives a curated gift kit to support their mindful practice!


$75 per person
$2,275 min

What's Included

Kit Includes Palo Santo, Sage, Lavender, Gratitude Journal and Meditation Card


Elevate the Experience Suggested Boxes: Calm the Chaos, Self Reflect, Self Discovery, Get Calm Virtual escapism filmed from one of our National Parks and beautiful outdoor spaces to help fight COVID-fatigue.

Pricing Details

Min 25/Max none Kit $75 Instructor $400 Tax 8.75% Service 15%