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Mint Collective: Moon Medicine

Del Mar, CA
Virtual Mindfulness & Wellness Teambuilding

Taught by naturopathic doctor, this class focuses on the understanding the body as an integrated and complex system, and how the ecosystems within us and around us impact our mental, emotional, and physical health.

We will talk about the language modern science uses to explain the profound power nature holds. We are beginning to understand the wisdom native peoples and ancient cultures have known about for millennia. We will create a virtual healing circle and talk about how our connection with nature leads to health and happiness, and how our disconnection from it leads to imbalance and disease. Learn how we are impacted by the sun, moon, and earth, highlighting the cellular and energetic connections we all share with nature and each other whether we are aware of it or not. What we eat, breathe, drink, think, and feel are the foundations for health. These foundations, along with the environments we choose to immerse ourselves in, can be some of the most potent medicines of our time. We will experience together the healing that occurs under the stars and we will come to understand more fully that nature is the cure. (60 min class | Virtual Zoom)


$75 per person
$2,275 min

What's Included

Kit includes Palo Santo, Sage, Lavender, Gratitude Journal and Meditation Card

Pricing Details

Min 25/Max none Kit $75 Instructor $400 Tax 8.75% Service 15%