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Power Vinyasa x Yoga with Al


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Marco: Power Vinyasa x Yoga with Al

San Francisco, CA
Virtual Mindfulness & Wellness Teambuilding

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Power Vinyasa is an energetic type of yoga that focuses on connecting your breath to your movements.

You'll start this one hour class by grounding down, followed by Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) A and B, core work to prepare for your peak posture, arm balancing or inversions, and a sequence of postures that will challenge your balance, open your hips, and lengthen your spine.

The goal of yoga is never to force yourself into a pose that might not feel comfortable, so you'll always have the option to modify or take a child's pose.

After class, you'll leave feeling stronger, less stressed, and with an awareness of your mind-body connection.


$20 per person
$160 min