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Virtually Impossible x Kevin Blake


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Marco: Virtually Impossible x Kevin Blake

San Francisco, CA
Virtual Magic Act

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Step through a secret passageway in grandfather clock and into a beautiful underground speakeasy to experience one of the most popular virtual shows worldwide. With interactive mind-reading, hilarious coincidences and magic that truly reaches through the screen and blows you away, Kevin Blake's Virtually Impossible: A Quarantined Magic Show is a one-of-a-kind distributed workforce experience that has to be seen to be disbelieved.

Kevin can read minds. Predict the future. See into your memories. Stop time… Or maybe he can’t, and it’s all an illusion. With a background in theater, spoken word, and a fascination with the human condition, Kevin creates performances that blend genres to create an interactive and one of a kind experience.

Kevin Blake’s Virtually Impossible doesn't have any white rabbits but beware, he can make a "Mystery Box" show up at your doorstep. This includes goodies to help you fully immerse yourself into his world of magic.


$60 per person
$1,500 min