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Virtual Escape Room x The Escape Game


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Marco: Virtual Escape Room x The Escape Game

San Francisco, CA
Virtual Team Building Game

Marco helps companies and teams find best-in-class experiences. We make it easy to discover, plan and book great virtual and hybrid experiences. Masterclass meets Airbnb Experiences for companies and teams.

The Escape Game is bringing you a brand new way to team build.

Remote Adventures: The Escape Game Virtual Adventures is a LIVE escape game over Zoom. Teams will communicate with each other and a LIVE Game Guide at The Escape Game using Zoom. They will explore the room through the Game Guide who is wearing a live camera feed. Additionally, each participant will have a digital dashboard with access to 360-degree images and pictures of items in the room. They will use what they find in the room and their digital dashboard to progress through the adventure. They have 60 minutes to escape!

Note: If your group is over 9 people, we will split your team into separate bookings


$40 per person
$280 min