Pillsbury’s Soaring Cookie Experience!

July 2023
Experiential Activation
Bentonville, AR
200 - 500 Attendees
From Interactive Entertainment Group
When one thinks of summer fun, there are a myriad of images that might come to mind – sun-drenched beaches, ice cream, or even open-air concerts. But this summer, in Bentonville, Arkansas, there was one spectacle that literally “picked up” everyone’s attention: the Giant Human Claw at General Mills and Pillsbury’s Cookie Pop-Up Experience. The prize pit was a sight to behold, packed with giant colorful balls that reflected the lively spirit of Lucky Charms cookies. As participants tried their luck, aiming to grip these massive treasures, bystanders reveled in a splash of colors and exhilaration. The digital footprints of this spectacle were evident. #NWAPillsburyPopUp dominated social media timelines, turning every share, like, and comment into a virtual cookie bite of joy and wonder.
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