Taiwan Peace Truck

September 2023
Experiential Activation
New York, NY
1,000 - 5,000 Attendees
From RMNG Experiential Marketing Agency
In September 2023, the United Nations convened in New York City, a global event aimed at fostering collaboration and addressing pressing international issues. However, a glaring omission persists as Taiwan, one of the freest and most democratic nations in Asia, continues to be excluded. This exclusion extends to Taiwanese journalists and tourists, who are denied access to the UN premises due to China's obstructive policies. In response to this, Taipei Economic and Cultural Board have joined forces with RMNG to launch a comprehensive 360-degree awareness campaign, uniting people in support of Taiwan. This campaign was conceived from the ground up, with RMNG taking charge of crafting slogans and creative content used on mobile billboards, signage, and branding materials. Moreover, they brought this creativity to life through captivating animations displayed on billboards in the iconic Times Square. Two strategically chosen locations were used to serve the New York community, transforming the campaign into an interactive experience. Guests were invited to spin a knowledge-enriching wheel before receiving a sample, effectively gamifying the encounter. To ensure a lasting impact, the event was documented through both videography and photography, resulting in a compelling sizzle reel delivered within just 24 hours.
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