Tableau Live

June 2020
Virtual Event
5,000 - 20,000 Attendees
The Tableau community looks forward to Tableau’s annual conferences all year long. They are an opportunity for Data Nerds to engage with each other and learn from some of the most brilliant data people around the world. The Tableau Live EMEA event presented the first virtual Tableau Conference of two global regions: EMEA & APAC. Tableau Live EMEA was the first virtual event for the Tableau events team and was planned with a short runway (7 weeks to be exact). The MCW Events was relied on and leaned on our experience to navigate the processes. During this event 5,974 attendees were able to enjoy nine different breakout sessions with captioning available in five different languages simultaneously (French, Dutch, German, English and Spanish). All of these sessions provided 11,775 unique session views and 3,648 participants in live data discussions. This event was a serious testament to the power of teamwork between all vendors and the client’s events team. There was a myriad of different technical integrations that needed to occur on the website platform. In a short planning timeline this becomes a very compressed and important aspect of the program. We needed to ensure all of the technologies worked during the event. Unlike IRL events, vendors don't have the luxury of onsite days in which to "fix" any technical issues. All elements had to be tested and show ready going into the event as there is no time to fix an issue on the fly. Next up: APAC!
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