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McMillions on Main Street Sundance 2020

January 2020
Experiential Activation
Park City, UT
20,000+ Attendees
Who remembers the 90's McDonald's Monopoly Game? We sure did along with many others, but what most don't know is that from 1989-2001 there were almost no legitimate winners of the larger prizes. HBO's McMillion$, a six-part docuseries, uncovers the intense story behind this $24 million-dollar scam and the mastermind behind it. At Sundance '20 MKTG partnered with HBO to promote McMillion$, through a unique peel away experience that broke through the festival's noise and gave attendees the chance to win a game that wasn't rigged. Taking inspiration from the series, MKTG attracted large crowds using an in-character street team, exciting prizes as well as insta-worthy moments to create this immersive party. Although Sundance is known for its exclusive events, McMillion$ on Main Street deviated from the festival norm by opening to the public and giving them the opportunity to REALLY win! Festival goers lined the street to get in and have their chance to win big, but they stayed for the little details such as, branded "happy meals," themed cocktails, unique photo ops and nostalgic 90's music. Attendees left counting down the days to tune in for the full story on HBO and bragging about finally winning big.
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