Neighborhood Goods NYC Flagship

December 2019
Experiential Activation
New York, NY
20,000+ Attendees
From Pink Sparrow
This exterior interactive installation was a fun way for Neighborhood Goods to create buzz leading up to the opening of their first NYC location. The activation highlighted three displays: Get the News, Hear the Word, and Take a Look. 'Get the News' featured a repurposed newspaper box where gifts were hidden. Every hour, the company would post on social media, alerting followers of the location of the gift. 'Hear the Word' featured real payphones that were rewired to play one of 10 pre-recorded messages, each showcasing a different product they sell. Every time you picked up the phone receiver, a randomly selected recording would play and if you held on to the phone it would play all the messages until all of them cycled through. 'Take a Look' featured two seemingly regular peepholes that allowed passersby to look into and to get a sneak peek of the space. But we also created a large mirrored prism on the backside of the wall, creating an interesting kaleidoscope effect.
Event Team
Agencies & Vendors
  • Fabrication
    Pink Sparrow
    Brooklyn, NY
  • Fabrication
    Laser Art NYC
    Easton, PA
  • Signage & Printing
    Vari Direct
    New York, NY