Facebook Community Boost

March 2018
Mobile Tour
New York, NY
20,000+ Attendees
From On Board Experiential
For every inspiring small business story, there are still many business owners who don’t know how to optimize their social reach, and/or lack digital skills. Facebook wanted to help. They friend requested OBE, and we instantly accepted. An opportunity to create positive change in communities across America? That’s a big thumbs up from us. Together, we created a multi-market community event series that gave small businesses exactly what they asked for—hands-on, face-to-face training from Facebook by Facebook. OBE conceptualized, designed and executed the program in 30 US cities. On our stop in Buffalo, we created a special event in New York for Facebook’s small business award program, Ignite Buffalo. We live streamed the event to 19k viewers, giving each the power to choose which business should win the $1MM prize through our text-to-vote live poll. Overall, our well-rounded, city and market-specific training and networking roadshow integrated internal specialists, breakout sessions and main stage content in a cohesive environment. Truth be told: we took notes. Results: 20,000+ unique attendees. 85% of guests said Community Boost made them feel “more positively toward the Facebook brand.” 72% noted, “I believe Facebook is good for the world.”
Event Team
Agencies & Vendors