Turner Upfront 2018

May 2018
New York, NY
Returning to the Theatre at Madison Square Garden, ATOMIC produced, designed and built this Upfront experience. Turner’s message “we make fans” promoted an audience-centric design and content from the lobby to the main stage. ATOMIC producers Lauren Brignone, Michael Chico and designer Mike Rhoads collaborated with creative director Pix, executive producer Soren West and designer Optimist to bring Turner’s vision to life. As guests entered the lobby, they were greeted with an infinity tunnel of video, creating bands of color that married with a compelling immersive audio design populated with soundbites from Turner talent. In the main lobby, a Turner logo featuring 7’ tall dimensional letters with mirrored finishes and LED edge lighting, incorporated a rear projected video mosaic that demonstrated the network’s cross-platform presence with hundreds of digital screens filled with Turner content. In the theater, the stage design featured 116’ of video screens surrounded by video “wings” on the balconies and a video “crown” on the main stage (a video tile ceiling that lived over the audience). Designer Mike Rhoads and the Set Construction team tested the limits of the venue space – building the screens as high as possible. Thank you to Turner and the rest of the team: Soren West Agency, Pix Productions and Optimist, Luminous FX, World Stage, 4Wall, Firehouse, CassidyRig, Earlybird Visual, Fabian Yeager, Eidetic, Theatrical Resources and Madison Square Garden and many more!
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