FX Networks: The Legion Chamber

March 2018
Experiential Activation
Los Angeles, CA
500 - 1,000 Attendees
From Industria Creative
For Legion Season 2, FX invited Industria Creative to create an experience for the fan-universe with The Legion Chamber. For the Los Angeles activation, we engineered and built a massive video capsule – inside was an immersive, 360-degree cinematic experience featuring a Legion-inspired original short film by the internationally-acclaimed Marco Brambilla Studio. Guests were surrounded by the film on all four walls, plus the ceiling and floor of the video capsule. In the film, Fracture, Brambilla created a non-linear journey that took the viewer through multiple levels of the main character’s altered states of consciousness. Brambilla, known for his elaborate re-contexualizations of imagery, brought to life the idea of a sane man in an insane world, the core storyline of Legion Season 2. After a dramatic entry, guests encountered an installation of mirrors representing fragmented thoughts and multiple states of mind – significant attributes of the property. Influencers and VIPs attended an opening night party, and thousands of consumers subsequently visited, resulting in millions of media impressions. Finally, The Legion Chamber was resurrected for the International Comic-Con in San Diego, CA., where none other than the star of Legion, Dan Stevens, found himself posting to Social from inside the video capsule. #LEGIONFX
Event Team
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