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Mar 08, 2024

We could use some help from this amazing community -- we are trying to source venues in Boston and SF for June and our client has little to no money. We've looked at Loft on Two in Boston - and similar locations in SF (but they are just too pricey).

1 1/2 day program

150 people in SF and 75 people in BOS

Need main presentation room + 2 small breakout rooms + space to serve lunch

If the venue has built in AV, that is a plus b/c our AV budget is super small too.

Any ideas you may have is much appreciated.

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Sep 11, 2023

I’m on Vendry going through a ton of restaurants in SF - while I’m doing it maybe someone can recommend a recent experience with a private room or secluded area for a 10-12 people dinner? Business but intimate and friendly, not too posh. budget $3500 (realistic for SF?).

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