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Mar 28, 2024

Hello! I’m looking for a brewery in the Boston area that can fit 150 attendees for two days in September. Our venue we had in mind currently can’t fit that many people.

Does anyone have any ideas/favorite breweries?

We’d need AV and to cater in lunch both days.

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Feb 26, 2024

Hi all!

Looking for a unique venue rec in Boston for a 2 day event

> About 75 people

> Needing a main presentation room and 2-3 breakout spaces

> Breakfast + lunch capabilities

Thank you in advance!!

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Dec 20, 2023

Hi Ya'll! Anyone have any cool restaurant or activity experiences in the Boston area. Looking to host ~30 people in Boston for a bespoke dinner experience or activity ideally in a 10 minute radius of BOS. Appreciate any leads:)

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Oct 03, 2023

Hi all, we’re looking to host a user group in Boston, which is a casual meetup for customers to network and share product use cases. Here are additional details:

• Private room with a TV for presentation, light bites and drinks.

• Probably around 25 people

• Ideally in back back or other central areas

• Budget is super small around $2k, so a bar or casual restaurant with a private space and a TV could work

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