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Jan 12, 2024

Looking for recommendations for the BEST hotels in the US (high end luxury, incredible service, more modern in style, easy to get to!) for a group of about 40 to book rooms and meeting space! I have Rosewood Sand Hill and Andaz Scottsdale on my list so far

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Dec 07, 2023

Does anyone have a restaurant recommendation in downtown Austin (55 pax)? Somewhere with either a private event room or smaller spot for full buy-out.

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Oct 06, 2023

I'm back with another venue recommendation request. I'm a one-woman field marketing team and this group has been so helpful, I cannot thank you enough 💕 I'm looking for Chicago and Seattle venues for an event next month and would love some recos. Details below 🥰

Guest count: 60

Event format: Content: Presentation + Panel + Breakouts + dinner


4:30 - 5:00 | Cocktails, apps + networking

5:00 - 5:05| Introduction + welcome

*5:05 - 5:20*| Lightning Talk: Presentation

5:20 - 5:50 | Client Spotlight: Panel

5:50 - 6:40 | Breakout discussion groups (need to be able to break out into 6 groups of 10 or 10 groups of 6 in the same room)

6:40 - 8:20 | Dinner + networking

8:20 - 8:30 | Conclusion, thank you’s wrap up

AV Requirements:

• 1 monitor OR screen + projector

• 4 wireless microphones

• Adapter for Macbook Pro

• iPad w/pre-built playlist for background noise or speakers

• Dedicated onsite support

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Sep 28, 2023

Not a "new" venue, but it is definitely a venue that pleasantly surprised me last week- I hosted a group of 50 people for a lunch & learn + cocktail reception in Chicago at Spin, and we had a WONDERFUL experience. I usually select more traditional event spaces like hotels for this style of corporate event, but everything from the food quality to the existing furniture around the space and the service pre and during was 10/10. I primarily chose this venue because of the location, but I also wanted to host a fun activity after the meeting to keep attendees around for my sales team. Spin was perfect on all fronts! The company I work for is high-growth SAAS, so the edgy design was totally fine for us. I've attached a few of my pictures from the event here.

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