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Apr 08, 2024

Looking for restaurant recommendations that are open on a Sunday night (7:30 PM), mid-to-upscale for ~9 people in San Francisco (ideally downtown-ish area). Some of the places I've found that look great aren't open on Sundays!

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Mar 26, 2024

More SF & LA questions for you all!

1. SF: Need 2 locations for a roundtable of 20-25 people that will serve breakfast or lunch. Prefer a restaurant, but am def open to hotel or meeting venue. (April 15 & 16). (I found this SF thread from a few weeks ago, but I think we have a little more budget than Wendy!)

2. LA: Need 2 dinner locations for April 16 & 17, about 15pax each dinner. Looking in West Hollywood/Beverly Hills area for Tuesday & Santa Monica/West Side area for Wednesday. Something nice, and quiet enough that it will allow for conversation (business dinners with potential clients).

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Mar 22, 2024

hi San Francisco folks - my friend is on the board for the Decorator Showcase Home and they are renting it out for corporate/private events the mont of May - so cool! Details here (DM me if you'd like me to connect you): Host a private event to thank your premier customers or to celebrate special occasions with friends and family in a spectacular venue: the 45th San Francisco Decorator Showcase. The stunning Dutch Colonial mansion located at 2898 Broadway provides a unique experience for your guests with exquisite designs and magnificent views of the Bay. Designers will be available to greet guests and answer questions about their designs during your event.

Mar 13, 2024

Looking for a venue in Silicon Valley (probably not as far down as San Jose) for about 30 C-suite executives. Can be a restaurant (buyout or private room), cultural institution, winery, etc. Open to any high-end ideas. Thanks!

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