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La Kretz Garden Pavilion (LKGP)

Located In: UCLA Mildred E Mathias Botanical Garden

Seated: 30 / Standing: 50

UCLA Mildred E Mathias Botanical Garden

UCLA Mildred E Mathias Botanical Garden

La Kretz Garden Pavilion (LKGP)
UCLA Mildred E Mathias Botanical Garden

707 Tiverton Drive Los Angeles, CA 90095

Business Space Location Map

Seated: 30

Standing: 50

  • TV
  • Projector & Screen

A stunning, bright, hybrid venue space with furniture that can be configured for a variety of uses. Comes setup as two rooms (100, 101) with 6 tables tables per room. Rooms can be rented individually or together. Additional tables and seats are available and can be setup for panel discussions, theater style for speakers, or any setup you like for parties or meetings (renter is responsible for returning furniture to original positions). Glass exterior walls can be opened for a true pavilion style or combined with the Courtyard (Herbert Plaza) for a larger space. A divider wall can be contracted to connect Room 100 and Room 101 into a single, open, curved space. If interested in renting the Prep Kitchen, reservation of Room 101 is required.