Themendous Scenic Studio

Experiential Design
Union City, NJ

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Welcome to Themendous! We are an award winning full service scenic studio. We shine in LARGE oversized foam sculptures, but also do props, signage, metal work, wood work, textiles, etc. Our sculptures are CLASS A Fire Rated, and we work FAST!





Themendous, has been in the theming industry for the past 27 years. Having first started out in the retail industry creating themed environments and props for companies such as Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, Sears, and other large department stores. Then creating products for various media companies such as Saatchi & Saatchi, which quickly moved us to the movie and tv industry, and ultimately crossed over to IAAPA, (members since 1999) We still cover a wide range of industries that has a need for our services. Retail end users include: Google, MTV, Martha Stewart, Johnson & Johnson, Harper's Bazaar, Madonna, NJ Devil's, and MORE. We partner with other experiential marketing agencies as third party to make their event TREMENDOUS! With Themendous, anything is possible.

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Health & Safety

Staff is vaccinated against COVID-19
Requires proof of vaccination against COVID-19 for event attendees

We take the safety/ health of our employees very seriously. We implement safety protocols to ensure a safe working environment in our shop.

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Do you work for Themendous Scenic Studio? Contact us to learn more about who's managing this profile or gain access.

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