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Local Farm Cheese Tasting

Not Boring Events

Not Boring Events: Local Farm Cheese Tasting

New York, NY
Virtual Cheese Tasting

Cheese is awesome!... but listening to people talk about cheese can get really freakin boring and the last thing you want to do is put your guests to sleep. Thankfully we’ve created a fun storytelling-based cheese event perfect for any occasion.

We take you on an international exploration of cheese
Our virtual cheese tasting *isn’t a lecture* it's chocked full of stories because we believe that entertainment value should be at the forefront of any tasting event

How it works
1. You invite your guests and we retrieve their addresses to ship a cheese tasting kit directly to their...

$125 - $150 per person
$600 min

What's Included

The Basic: 3-cheese selection (6oz each)


homemade jam, local honey, Italian crackers homemade fudge

Pricing Details

Request a quote if you are interested!