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Advanced Parking Concepts (APC) - Welcome to The Art of Parking




APC DELIVERABLES – EXPERIENCE & CAPACITY • Welcome to The Art of Parking. • For over thirty four years, APC’s Event Division has been the preferred vendor for the New York Tri-State region. • APC’s Event Division provides Valet Parking, Luxury Shuttle Bus and Greeter services to over 900 events annually. From Presidents and politicians, famous actors and business moguls, APC has provided exceptional service experiences to them all. • APC’s Event Division provides clientele with a seamless experience. Our Sales Team administers every logistic. This includes but is not limited to, obtaining permits through our contacts within the Mayor’s Office, coordinating with Police and Emergency Responders, arranging luxury transportation, or any other parking or transportation detail specific to that event. In many cases, this includes strategic partnerships with garage parking operators such as Icon, SP Plus, ABM, Quik Park, etc. • APC’s Operation Team of over 350 service professionals can schedule crews of experienced personnel that can cover small events to large events requiring over 100 staff members. This exceptional ability to staff with such qualified associates is a huge APC Differential! • Elite locations such as Weylin, The Plaza, Cipriani Wall/42nd/Broadway/South Street, Pierre Hotel, New Jersey Performing Arts Center, Crystal Plaza, Pleasantdale Chateau, Gotham Hall, Rockefeller Center, all utilize APC as their preferred vendor.

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Do you work for Advanced Parking Concepts, LLC ? Contact us to learn more about who's managing this profile or gain access.

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