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Los Angeles, CA

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Mr Fresh Catering, top-rated sushi catering service in Southern California, offers you an unforgettable sushi experience with our experienced private sushi chefs and high-quality food.





Sushi Chef Hiro-san is the founder of Mr Fresh Catering. Over eighteen years, he has built an extensive repertoire of experience with fish and a variety of raw ingredients, having worked in well-known restaurants in both San Francisco and Los Angeles. In his early 20s, Chef Hiro-san began his sushi apprenticeship in Tokyo and Kyoto, gaining an impressive wealth of culinary skills and knowledge that he brings forth in his current business. His passion for sushi is evident in the quality of food he provides to his clients, which include NBA teams. His strict training regimen has taught him how to perfect the delicate process of making sushi rice, as well as how to clean and cut different kinds of premium fish. The right texture and thickness can bring out the best taste of each seafood, resulting in a delicious and perfectly balanced sushi roll. After seven years of hard training, his skills were recognized and he was invited to prepare the celebration dinner for the movie ‘Jiro Dreams of Sushi’. Chef Hiro-san has been sourcing the best fish from all over the world and has been bringing it back to his clients for many years, and he is dedicated to staying innovative so that every guest enjoys his Japanese cuisine. Chef Hiro-san works hard and remains passionate in order to provide an unforgettable dining experience for all of his patrons.

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