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Gardenuity: Indoor Desktop Virtual Workshop

Dallas, TX
Virtual Floral Design Teambuilding

During the winter months in the US (Nov-Feb) we won't be able to plant outdoor gardens for many regions due to the temperatures. With that in mind, we offer Desktop Garden Workshop where each attendee plants their own indoor garden.

With more people working from home for the foreseeable future, we see these plants as great additions to their home office space, living areas, kitchens, etc.

The Indoor Desktop Plant options available are:
Money Tree
Tropical Fern
Amaryllis Bulb

During the virtual workshop, which lasts about 45mins, we will cover:
Introductions by organizer’s hosts
Welcome by Donna Letier – Gardenuity CEO
The benefits of gardening and growing plants
Making gardening accessible through container gardening
Your Desktop Garden and how to take care of it
Your gardening questions answered

We still share the Gardenuity story, showcase our outdoor gardens, have great discussions about growing your own herbs and vegetables, and talk about growing options for the upcoming Spring season.


$42 - $60 per person

What's Included

Virtual Workshop Bamboo Planter 5” x 5” x 5” Bamboo Planter ships with tray and plant liner Spray bottle for misting Plant nutrients Plants (vary upon garden chosen) Care Card


5 O'Clock Box Cocktail Kit - $29.95/kit Each 5 O'Clock Box cocktail kit has been thoughtfully curated and contains mixers, garnishes, bar tools, and a foolproof recipe with suggested spirit pairing - you just add the spirit!


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