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Container Garden Virtual Workshop


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Gardenuity: Container Garden Virtual Workshop

Dallas, TX
Virtual Floral Design Teambuilding

Gardenuity's Outdoor Container Garden Virtual Workshops are an engaging way to virtually spend time with your coworkers or clients.

The Gardenuity team will facilitate a complete container garden planting workshop that will be recorded specifically for you and your teams. This workshop will be streamed digitally so that each attendee will be able to follow along and build a customized container garden of seasonal herbs or veggies.

Each workshop plants the same collection (e.g Herb Garden, Taco Toppings, Salad Garden, etc) with their specific plants being matched to each attendee's location and climate.

The virtual workshop will be approximately 45-60 minutes of engaged, memorable fun.

Event Flow:
Welcome by company host/organizer
Introduction from Gardenuity CEO, Growing Greatness Starts with Great People
Step-by-step planting workshop led by Gardenuity CEO
Common Q&A and recommended uses for their plant collections
Wrap Up

We stream these events via a private Zoom Meeting (or your preferred platform). Having everyone on-screen drives conversations and engagement, and makes it easier to ask questions during the workshop.

Any of our offerings can be scaled to meet an organization's needs, from prizes to company-wide initiatives and fundraising/community projects, to national conferences (break-out sessions).


$76 per person

What's Included

The Garden Kit includes: Portable & reusable grow bag embroidered with Garden Variety Plants matched to each attendees location and season Foundation Compost (1 gallon) Coir - expands to 5-6 gallons of total growing media Soil Primer Micro Nutrients PH Toner 30-day & 60-day feeding Seasonal Grow Pro Membership


Branding of Kits To brand into the growing experience, we have a number of options: Custom engraved acrylic garden stake ($100 setup, $5-$15 each depending on size) Co-branded plant care instructions (100 cards - $120) Co-branded shipping box (100 stickers & packing tape - $496) Generic branded note within individual shipping box (100 - $28) Personalized branded note within individual shipping box (100 - $170) 5 O'Clock Box Cocktail Kit - $29.95/kit Each 5 O'Clock Box cocktail kit has been thoughtfully curated and contains mixers, garnishes, bar tools, and a foolproof recipe with suggested spirit paring - you just add the spirit!

Pricing Details

Prices per person will vary depending upon the add-ons chosen.


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