'NOT OKAY’ Popup and Premiere Event

July 2022
New York, NY
1,000 - 5,000 Attendees
From Funny Face Bakery
Searchlight Pictures and Hulu present a premiere and pop-up event in celebration of the premiere of the film, “NOT OKAY” starring Zoey Deutch. The centerpiece of this event was Funny Face Bakery's Live Cookie Piping activation, where a cookie artist showcased their craft with 1000+ custom piped cookies. Funny Face Bakery delighted attendees with life-changing grab-and-go treats at both the premiere and the immersive 3-day popup experience, made possible through an exciting collaboration with Searchlight Pictures. The event took place at the Chillhouse Soho Flagship, located at 75 Varick St, and featured partners like BONBONWHIMS, String Ting, and Chillhouse, creating a memorable experience for all.
Venue map
Chillhouse Soho Flagship
New York, NY
Event Team
Agencies & Vendors
  • Cakes & Dessert
    Funny Face Bakery
    New York, NY and Brooklyn, NY
  • Entertainment
    Searchlight Pictures
    New York, NY