Budweiser Country Club

April 2018
Experiential Activation
Indio Hills, CA
20,000+ Attendees
From Evolve Concepts
The king of festival footprints Evolve was hired by Bud’s activation agency to convert an old pod superstructure into a statement piece for this iconic beer brand, including the design & fabrication of a custom barn facade, interior and exterior decking, wall cladding and dozens of dimensional backlit signs and decor elements. This 3-semi operation was made up of 7-stand alone pod structures that combine to make a 2-story 60’x60’ base structure with an additional 800 sq ft of outdoor activity space. We converted this structure into a food court by adding food vending containers and into a Philadelphia city block for the Made In America Festival. Evolve produced and operated of this superstructure at over a dozen music & food festivals throughout its campaign from 2016-2019.
Venue map
Coachella, CA
Event Team
Agencies & Vendors