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Afterpay at Shoptalk 2022

March 2022
Tradeshow / Expo Activation
Las Vegas, NV
5,000 - 20,000 Attendees
From Hunters Point
After a competitive bid, Afterpay awarded Hunters Point the production of their trade show booth for Shoptalk 2022. The goal: to attract and bring the sales team into direct interactions with retailers, marketers and more. Hunters Point collaborated with the Afterpay brand team and based on their shop direction, we designed a 30x40 booth experience that felt premium and delivered the primary results and managed all aspects of the booth and event coordination: Creative Strategy, Environmental & Graphic Design, Production, Styling, Tech, Logistics, Staffing, Styling, Training and Partner Integration. With hands-on demonstrations of in store and consumer-facing interactions such as Express Checkout and Product IQ, attendees could experience exactly what sets Afterpay apart, lead by our brand ambassadors and the amazing business development team at Afterpay. Using an in store consumer journey, attendees got to interface with tech touch points and then receive a mystery gift - which could range from an Ulta $100 gift card to a brand bondi mint balm - all from retailers of Afterpay. The surprise and delight discovery created extra trade floor buzz and before the show floor opened, attendees were already flocking to the booth. The best in ROI was the culminating effect to generate 1,182 qualified leads for the team - more than 10% of the entire audience at the conference.
Event Team
Agencies & Vendors