Feltory Dinner Party

March 2022
Tradeshow / Expo Activation
Chicago, IL
5,000 - 20,000 Attendees
From Robotproof
Fun brand…check! Good people…check! Amazing products made from recycled plastic…CHECK! Feltory’s coasters, trivets and other home products are tactile, fun, cheeky and protective. We love that all of the products are made from post-consumer recycled plastic because it makes feeling good and looking good that much better for the world around us. Feltory partnered with Robotproof to design a space that would draw people in and immerse them in the style and story of the brand. It was their first time at The Inspired Home Show - the worlds leading home and housewares show - so it was important to make a great first impression. Our nostalgic design used vintage and thrifted furniture and props that communicated the vibe and mission of Feltory, and the feedback was so good! “Hands down this is the best booth here!” “So nostalgic! This space transports me back to the 70’s!” “I am very jealous we didn’t think of something like this!” “I just wanted to come by and say how much I love your booth!” Candy for dinner?? Why not, felt cute! We really enjoyed this collaboration and look forward to many more experiences together!
Event Team
Agencies & Vendors