The Four Twenty Experience 2021

April 2021
Dinner Event
Chicago, IL
50 - 100 Attendees
From High-minded Events
On April 20th, 2021, we celebrated with Executive Chef Devon Quinn and fifty-five (55) exclusive diners over the creation of an elegant, seasonal, meal infused with the benefits of cannabis. Chef Quinn, produces clean cuisine highlighting an unforgettable culinary experience. In addition to a decadent and mindfully dosed meal, guests were free to select from a variety of sophisticated consumption methods. Each course was paired with an infused, non-alcoholic mocktail in an ode to the “California sober” lifestyle. To the delight of our guests, water infused with Red Belly Honey was placed at each table. The ‘Welcome Beverage’ also featured Red Belly CBD Honey. From micro-dosed mocktails to an educational session at the High-minded Vape Bar, attendees were free to celebrate the spirit of the day. The 4-Course meal ended with a live acoustic performance by American Idol Alum and cannabis advocate, Manny Torres. As guests finished the dessert course they were free to visit the vape bar to consume with the opportunity to be educated on safe consumption methods by our bud-tender’s and event staff.
Venue map
Eden Restaurant
Chicago, IL
Event Team
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