100th Anniversary Party

January 2019
Boston, MA
From Corinthian Events
To say that the success of this event benefitted from keeping the theme a secret would be an understatement. From the first days of planning all the way up to the night of the event, there was a dedication by everyone involved to keep the theme of the event a mystery. Even when the guests arrived that night, they still did not know what to expect, and they entered to a beautifully decorated, but seemingly ordinary venue with high top tables and a curtain covered stage. The night started out as an ordinary company party with a speaking program to welcome the guests and introduce the festivities for the evening, until suddenly the address was interrupted by music and the curtains pulled back to reveal a live band. The band was playing The Greatest Showman soundtrack, and twenty-five circus acts exploded onto the stage and around the venue one after another, shocking the crowd. That surprise led to excitement as each act flowed into the next – acts included: aerial silk dancers suspended from the ceiling, dancers on elevated platforms covered from head to toe in mirrors, jugglers juggling pins under and around obstacles, performers on stilts spinning and tossing hoops, dancers with giant wings twisting and weaving through the crowd, and Big Nazo characters roaming the rooming dancing and greeting guests – just to name a few. Keeping the theme a secret surprised the crowd and kicked off the event with a bang, and that excitement carried the fun through the rest of the night.
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