Basil Hayden’s The New Age of Hosting

November 2020
Virtual Event
From Gradient Experiential
Virtually together in a Basil Hayden’s Universe We brought to life the brand’s unique positioning of “Hosting”, by recreating the pleasure of a shared moment through a virtual but shared-remotely, live broadcasted experience. This required truly crafting the experience to generate a human connection, despite the digital medium. Fully immersed the audience into the BH world with custom 2D environments Created unique targeted hosting/lifestyle partnership content that gathered the audience into 4 master classes with related experts: Mixologists Cheese Maker Baker Calligrapher Integrated the brand representatives and the guest experts into the same virtual environment for a physically distanced but emotionally connected experience The speakers “seeing” themselves together felt more connected creating a fluid and playful interaction, which translated to an entertaining experience for viewers Implemented QR codes featured during the livestream directed to a Mobux platform (Mobile User Experience) that allowed viewers to interact with guest-speaker content, leveraging a 2nd screen and increasing interactivity.
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