October 2023
Experiential Activation
New York, NY
200 - 500 Attendees
From The Hype Agency
Hype partnered with Little Cinema for a spine-chilling adventure in the heart of New York City on October 13 (during New York ComicCon) with a takeover of Chelsea Factory for a Goosebumps-themed Immersive Experience. With over 350 expected guests, including media professionals, influencers, executive producers, and Disney executives, this event promised to be an unforgettable journey into the enigmatic world of Goosebumps. The Hype Agency curated a dedicated team, including a team lead, 11 brand ambassadors, and an actress portraying the role of Madame Zelda. Makeup transformations brought Slappy to life with each of our Brand Ambassadors taking on that role, creating an interactive experience for the guests. Our talented actress brand ambassador, portraying Madame Zelda, crafted a jumpscare moment within the photobooth, adding to the excitement and thrill of the event.
Event Team
Agencies & Vendors