Diet Coke National Brand Relaunch

June 2018
Mobile Tour
New York, NY
From CSM Sport & Entertainment
In 2018, as part of its full brand relaunch in North America, Diet Coke rolled out a fresh, new integrated marketing campaign known as “because I can” to showcase the brand’s four bold new flavors, new packaging and modern design, and updated brand voice that appeals to a younger audience. The "because I can" campaign was all about doing the things in life that make you happy, no matter what anyone else thinks, because you can. As the biggest relaunch in the history of Diet Coke, the integrated campaign included media, PR, experiential, digital, social, and shopper marketing. We brought “because I can” to life through an experiential campaign that tapped into key millennial passion points of travel, music, food, style, and work, which ultimately drove more than 3.2 million samples in over 20 markets nationwide, established relevancy amongst millennials, and positioned Diet Coke as the fuel to unapologetically live your best lives. By the Numbers & Impact 3.2+ million samples 500+ activations 20+ total markets activated supporting local / regional bottlers 26 weeks of activation 2018 Integrated marketing campaign led to first quarter of volume growth for Diet Coke since 2010
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