Glenlivet Drop Shop Airstream

September 2019
Mobile Tour
New York, NY
200 - 500 Attendees
From Pink Sparrow
In order to expand The Glenlivet's reach to new markets, creative agency 160/90 tasked Pink Sparrow with creating a modified Airstream to activate at various events across the US throughout the year. To execute their consumer engagement pillars of innovation, style, and creation, we designed a space that included a visual portrayal of the product story and tasting notes, displays of limited time apparel from designers they partnered with, and a station to create customizable giveaways. the vehicle will be touring cross-country in major cities including: New York City, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Miami, Chicago, and Boston.
Event Team
Agencies & Vendors
  • Fabrication
    Pink Sparrow
    Brooklyn, NY
  • Experiential Design
    Chicago, IL
  • Experiential Agency
    New York, NY